Worldwide Patented
Folding Design

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Meet your wardrobe's new best friend!

Say Goodbye to Neckline Stretching, and Wear & Tear!

The patented Folding Design allows you to hang & remove clothes with a simple twist, without stretching the neckline.

The wide, ergonomically rounded arms are designed to prevent wrinkles, marks and creases on your garments.

Packed with practical features

Hangers as You Knew Them, But with Way More!

Built to last over a decade
Made from premium ABS and reinforced fiberglass, supports up to 14 lbs.

Slip resistant
No more clothes slipping off hangers! The non-slip ridges keep garments secure.

Accident Proof
The Gravity Lock system keeps the arms in place, preventing accidental closures.

Why people love our hangers

  • I'm throwing away all my old hangers

    "These are genius. I love the design and the way that I can hang up anything without stretching out the neckline."

    Amazon Customer

  • Unique Hangers

    "These are very unique hangers. Love the fun pink color. These bend in to hang all different types of tops. These are the hangers that you didn’t know you needed."

    Amazon Customer

  • Great Buy

    "These hangers are the best I've ever owned. They prevent stretching out the necklines of my favorite tops and have a non-slip section to keep clothes from falling off. I highly recommend them."

    Amazon Customer

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