Folding Hangers

Folding Hangers

Protect your clothes, organize your closet neatly, and save space all at once with our stylish, foldable hangers. 

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Click, Hang, Done!

Protect your clothes from damage

Hang or take off your clothes with ease without stretching the necklines.

Ideal for Laundry

Work with both wet and dry clothes, leaving no marks, stains, or creases.

Support up to 14 lbs

Crafted from premium ABS and built to support heavy garments without breaking or bending.

Super Easy to Use

Fold and unfold the hangers in seconds— it’s that simple!

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

The 100% recyclable materials minimize the environmental footprint by over 70%

Proven Neckline Protection

Say goodbye to damaged garments!
Our hangers slide effortlessly through clothes, maintaining their shape for long-lasting wear.

Swift Closet Organization

End the closet chaos!
With a simple twist, hang or remove clothes easily, up to 10x faster than using regular hangers.

Strong and Sturdy

Forget about flimsy hangers!
Our robust hangers are engineered to support heavy garments, up to 14 lbs.

Accident Proof

Accidents happen, but with our hangers, they're a thing of the past. No accidental closures, just neat organization!

Clever and Feature-Packed

Enjoy flawless, crease-free clothes with our hangers' ergonomic design. Non-slip ridges ensure secure placement, while the 360° swivel hook offers easy access.

Worldwide Patented
Folding Design

Hangers delivered

Designed in the EU

100% Recyclable

Why choose our hangers?

Other brands

Intuitive folding design

Protect necklines from stretching

Ergonomically shaped arms to prevent wrinkles

Made for effortless one-handed use

Leave no stains on wet clothes

Customizable to fit your wardrobe preferences



Can I use these hangers with any type of clothing?

Absolutely! Our hangers are designed with rounded shoulders to prevent marks on your clothes and are robust enough to handle different types of garments, from lightweight shirts to heavier jackets, holding up to 14 lbs. 

Are these hangers safe for kids and the elderly to use?

Yes, the simplicity and ease of use make our hangers suitable for everyone, including children and elderly individuals, as well as people with disabilities.

Will my clothes fall off if I accidentally touch the hanger?

No, the hangers are designed to stay in place unless a deliberate force is applied to close them. Your clothes will remain secure even if you accidentally touch the hanger.

Are these hangers suitable for drying clothes?

Yes, they are perfect for air-drying clothes. The swivel hooks allow for easy positioning, and the ergonomic design helps avoid stretch marks on your garments. Plus, their easy operation speeds up the process of hanging wet clothes, without leaving any stain marks. 

Will these hangers leave stretch marks or creases on clothes?

No, our hangers are ergonomically designed with rounded shoulders to ensure they do not leave stretch marks, wrinkles or creases on your clothes. Their foldable design also ensures that the neckline remains intact without any fabric damage.